Modification Plates

Certain alterations to your vehicle require certification to meet QLD TMR regulations.

We are proud to be able to certify the following modifications for light and heavy vehicles.

Prices for modification plates begin at $200 for light vehicles and $300 for heavy vehicles.

To find out more or book your vehicle for a modification plate please call 0409 428 856

Light Vehicles

We are proud to be able to certify the following modifications for light vehicles.


LA1- Equivalent engine installation
LA2- Performance engine installation
LA3- Supercharger and turbo charger installation
LA4- Engine modifications


LB1: Transmission substitution
LB2: Rear axle substitution

Vehicle controls

LC2: Dual-controls for driver trainer vehicles
LC4: Vehicle controls for persons with a disability


LG2: Brake system conversion section

Body and chassis

LH2: Roof conversion
LH4: Modified wheelbase conversion
LH6: Vehicle construction
LH7: Body/chassis variants conversion
LH11: Campervan, motorhome conversion section

Seating and occupant protection

LK1: Seat and seatbelt installation/removal
LK6: Child restraint anchorage installation
LK8: Construction and installation of one-off roll-bars and roll-cages by individuals
LK10: Installation of aftermarket roll-bars, roll-cages and ROPS section

Fuel systems

LM1: Fuel tank installation section

Tyres, rims, suspension and steering

LS2: LHD vehicle steering conversion
LS4: Front suspension and steering modification
LS6: Rear suspension modification
LS10: High lift – up to 150mm modification certification

LS14: Re-rating of Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)/Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of a light trailer to manufacturer’s specifications

TMR individual approval

LX1: Modification of light vehicles to the Department of Transport and Main Roads individual approval

Heavy Vehicles

We are proud to be able to certify the following modifications for heavy vehicles.

Engine and ancillaries

A1: Engine substitution
A2: Air cleaner substitution or additional fitment
A3: Turbo charger installation
A4: Exhaust system alteration
A5: Road speed limiter installation

Transmission modification

B1: Transmission substitution of additional fitment

Tail shaft modification

C1: Tail shaft alterations

Rear axles

D1: Rear axle installation

Front axle, steering wheels and tyres

E1: Front axle installation

Suspension modifications

F1: Suspension substitution
F2: Trailer suspension modifications


G1: Relocation of air brake components
G2: Installation of trailer braking controls
G3: Trailer brake system upgrade
G5: Fitting of auxiliary and endurance brakes
G6: Fitting of air operated accessories
G7: Brake system substitution/wheelbase extension


H1: Wheelbase extension outside OEM options
H2: Wheelbase reduction outside OEM options
H3: Wheelbase alterations within OEM
H4: Chassis alteration
H5: Trailer chassis modifications

Body mounting

J1: Body mounting


K1: Seating capacity alteration, seat, seatbelt and anchorage alteration
K3: Cabin conversions
K5: Installation of wheelchair occupant restraint system
K6: Child restraint anchorage installation

Fuel systems

M1: Fuel system alterations

Tow couplings

P1: Towbar and coupling installation other than fifth wheels and kingpins
P2: Fifth wheel and kingpin installation

Vehicle mounted lifting systems

R1: Installation of vehicle mounted lifting systems
R2: Wheelchair loader installation

Vehicle rating

S1: GVM/GCM re-rating (to S2 or S3 approved design or within manufacturer’s
S6: Omnibus licencing evaluation
S7: ATM/GTM re-rating
S10: Concessional livestock loading

Tow truck modification

T1: Tow trucks

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